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Ref# 1893 Gross Revenue Appraised Value Asking Price Cash Flow
Status: Sold ~$3,000,000 TBD ~$1,700,000


Ref # 1893 - i-Dentist™ opportunity

Monday October 15th , 2012

Dear Investor Dentists™;

This update is in regards to the i-Dentist™ opportunity posted via the NLS (new listing service) on Thursday October 11th , 2012.

In a very unusual circumstance, a sophisticated Investor Dentist™ (who was already very familiar with the practice) submitted an offer prior to viewing the office, or the appraisal and accordingly he made an offer that our client accepted on Friday.

This is an extremely rare occurrence and we apologize that you did not have the opportunity to view the practice or receive the appraisal.

This event only serves to prove the substantial interest and growing demand from Investor Dentists™ in the GTA for large practices such as this.

Our company does not believe in private or “off-market” listings and we attempt to give every buyer an equal opportunity to investigate the many practices that we have for sale.

Ultimately, it is the owner of the practice who makes the decision about accepting offers that are made.  And given that confidentiality is extremely important to our clients it was deemed appropriate for the seller to accept the offer and remove the practice from the marketplace immediately.

If for any reason this practice should come back on the market, the web ad will be updated and a notification will be released.

Thank you for your understanding and please continue to monitor our NLS for more notices as we predict many more attractive practices will be coming to the market soon.

Yours truly,

Timothy A. Brown
ROI Corporation

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