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An Unusual Case; Being an associate in rural and remote Canada

Running a rural practice can yield some unusual experiences…as with this story about a client. He’s a dentist who owns a practice in rural. Read More >

Go Remote: What are the Options for Owners of Remote Practices?

One sunny day, while I was sitting on the shore of a beautiful lake in a northern city several years back I contemplated why don’t. Read More >

Test Driving a Practice

Many of today’s buyers ask if they can work in a practice before making the decision to submit an offer to purchase. While it is. Read More >

Investor Dentists: Have they Changed the Dental Marketplace?

In the year 2007, our firm sold more practices to investor dentists (ID) than in any year previously. These unique buyers have several motives for purchasing a. Read More >

Rural Dentists of Ontario: An Endangered Species

I have some bad news to report to the dentists of rural Ontario — you are an endangered species. We have tried to sell numerous. Read More >

The Whole vs. the Part: Appraising a Dental Practice with Multiple Owners

Our company regularly appraises group dental practices, and in most cases the dentist who has requested the appraisal has not informed his cost-sharing or equity partner(s). Read More >

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