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Become a Bestseller; Who are today’s bestselling buyers and what do they want?

The large majority of today's buyers are not i-Dentists™. Rather than being in dentistry solely for investment purposes, owning and managing multiple practices, they. Read More >

Break-up Value: Can a practice be worth more in part than in whole?

On occasion, a purchased dental practice must be relocated as a condition of the sale. This can occur when the lease is expiring and the building is. Read More >

Predictions and Observations of the 2002 Market - Part 1

This column was written in the early summer of 2002 while I was on holiday in Muskoka. Part of my holiday included a read. Read More >

The Booming Market

Dental practice sales volumes for the first quarter of 2010 will be higher than in the first quarter of 2009. As the market matures,. Read More >

Making the Case for Rural and Remote Dental Practices in Canada

As a dental practice appraiser and broker, my goal has always been to do the best I can for the vendor dentist whose practice. Read More >

Test Driving a Practice

Many of today’s buyers ask if they can work in a practice before making the decision to submit an offer to purchase. While it is. Read More >

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