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The Appraisal and Your Annual Insurance Review

Many of our clients ask if a practice appraisal is a valuable tool for their annual insurance policy review. My answer is always yes, absolutely.. Read More >

Do You Really Need a Broker?

As a professional, you have learned to listen to your patients’ questions and provide careful answers designed to educate them about the benefits of. Read More >

The Whole vs. the Part: Appraising a Dental Practice with Multiple Owners

Our company regularly appraises group dental practices, and in most cases the dentist who has requested the appraisal has not informed his cost-sharing or equity partner(s). Read More >

Selling Your Practice: The Science of Due Diligence

When I first started in this business more than 25 years ago, the scope of general dental practice was much narrower and it was usually very easy. Read More >

Break Up Value: Are the Parts Worth More than the Whole?

On occasion, a dental practice must be relocated as a condition of sale. This occurs when the real estate may be more valuable if. Read More >

The Associate Buy-In: Why Does it Fail?

From interviews with young dentists seeking to purchase a dental practice, our company gathers considerable data related to associateships. Together with informal student surveys,. Read More >

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