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Privacy Legislation and the Appraisal and Sale of a Practice

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), a Federal Act, has an impact upon your practice and my business. Accordingly, I have identified three. Read More >

The Top Five Fears of the Dental Practice Purchaser

While investigating a dental practice for sale, purchasers express their fears with the broker. Many of the same questions are asked repeatedly. Some are. Read More >

Moving on Up

This is a brief story about a friend of mine, an ODA member who practised dentistry in central Toronto for more than 20 years. . Read More >

Set Up on Your Own or Buy: The Recent Graduate's Dilemma

Some say it's a good time to become a dentist. Consumers are putting more value on their health, and spending more dollars on health. Read More >

Predictions and Observations of the 2002 Market - Part 2

I have been rather harsh in my recent columns about partnerships, and a few of my clients have let me know that they are. Read More >

The Top Five Factors Affecting Dental Practice Values

On a daily basis, I am asked by accountants and lawyers to comment on the methodology that we use to appraise dental practices.  They. Read More >

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