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MANAGE SUPPLIERS; Stick to your core business, in your practice and supplier

The three highest expenses in any dental practice are staff wages, laboratory fees and dental supplies. Do you have a thorough understanding of your. Read More >


How will data loss affect your practice? Losing your data or critical systems can mean: Revenue loss from the inability to conduct business Lost. Read More >

Become a Bestseller; Who are today’s bestselling buyers and what do they want?

The large majority of today's buyers are not i-Dentists™. Rather than being in dentistry solely for investment purposes, owning and managing multiple practices, they. Read More >

Accidental Intimacy; How and why those who work in very, very close proximity form a bond

It’s no secret that people who work daily in close proximity can and sometimes do become accidentally compatible—even intimate. Many professionals hear of or. Read More >

The "Active" Patient; Active patients & practice evaluation affect due diligence

The issue of determining active patient charts remains a contentious one in the dental industry. Even with the aid of the various experts and. Read More >

Practice Preservation; A 10-point primer on dealing with a dental office emergency

Death and disability can strike without warning. Even when aware of a developing disability, many dentists have yet to make adequate preparations for such. Read More >

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