The Ultimate Practice Building Opportunity

Why struggle when there are very comfortable solutions?

Invest in two positive days of implementing and find tuning your practice to help you and your team take your practice to the next level of success. Enjoy less stress and the financial rewards of a practice and team members that you can be proud of. Included is a personalized practical practice plan to assist you in positive changes at your comfort level. You will see a return on your investment very quickly.

Step #1
  • This in-office program provides health care professionals and their team with the tools necessary to create a consistent standard of patient care.
Step #2
  • Set financial goals.
  • Collect what your produce.
  • Eliminate lost revenue in the practice.
  • Hire and train the right team.
  • Reach new goals and untapped potential.
Work Harder Not Smarter!
  • “I often tell practitioners when it comes to the business side of their practice ‘you don’t know what you don’t know!” Anita Jupp has a no nonsense approach to a more organized stress free professional practice
About Anita Jupp:
  • There are more opportunities for healthcare practices to succeed and patients to enjoy the best healthcare now than ever before. After 26 years in business as a speaker and practice coach I have seen many offices reach new goals and enjoy the benefits that healthcare as a career offer. I have also seen offices struggle in many way in a stress full environment
  • Why? Because people are afraid of change. My in-office program will give you the key components to making change easy and attainable in order to enjoy all the benefits a successful p[practice offers teams and patients. The focus is on systems, communication skills and confidence to make necessary changes.
  • Anita’s articles have been featured in many of the leading healthcare journals worldwide. She has written four books and has developed a series of training tools on CDs and CD-ROM. ANita works with professionals, renewing their self-confidence and arming them with the latest tools as well as fresh insights to achieve success.