ROI Corporation’s Biannual Grand Open

Where: Sheraton Parkway North Toronto at 600 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill, ON.
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ROI Corporation is hosting our biannual Grand Open. We would like to
extend an invitation to all parties interested in purchasing a
practice to attend this exclusive event. A full complement of
ROI Associates and key industry stakeholders will be available
to discuss current market trends and upcoming listings.
Whether you are in the market for a second or third practice,
or simply looking to understand how the sale process works,
they will be there to answer your inquiries and help you gain
an understanding of what to look for in a potential practice.
This is an excellent opportunity to review and assess ownership
options. We promise expert industry insights and assistance in
identifying the correct opportunity and best practices to
effectively position purchasers for a successful close. Our goal
is to facilitate illuminating discussions between our attendees
and industry insiders. It is ROI Corporation’s unwavering
commitment to establish the next generation of owner dentists
across Canada and set them up for success.
As guests arrive you will be treated to tea/coffee and light
snacks. Our industry experts will be assembled and ready to
engage in informal discussions with attendees (take advantage
this is free advice).
The industry experts that will be available to answer your
questions include BMO, RBC, Scotiabank, TD, H. Tam and
Partner LLP, Turner Moore LLP, Kutner Law LLP, Blackburn
Lawyers, Dental Tax, ReVup Group, MNP LLP, Goldlist Law and
Crest Oral B.
We invite you to make the most of this experience. As
attendance is limited, kindly confirm your participation in a
timely manner. To reserve your place, please email or call 905 278 4145 ext. 240.
Do not miss your chance to register for this incredible

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