Our response to COVID-19

ROI Corporation was able to quickly mobilize our team to work from home (WFH) and we are available to serve your professional practice appraisal needs. We continue to bring new opportunities to the market and buyer demand is stronger than ever. Many Associate dentists would prefer to own a closed practice than to own nothing at all. This demand, when combined with a scarcity of practices for sale and all-time low interest rates reveals that the marketplace remains active.

Work From Home (WFH) Series Webinars

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ROI Corporation is proud to host the Work From Home (WFH) webinar series to help professionals improve their practice even though currently they are unable to work there due to provincial restrictions. Through a variety of guest speakers, we are aiming to provide thoughtful and helpful discussions to support the profession during these challenging times. Topics range from financing, employment law, social media etc. We hope that our viewers will gain insight into how they can continue to enrich their practices and careers. Stay Healthy everyone!

WFH: Aspects juridiques des baux commerciaux dans un contect de COVID-19

WFH: Le bon, la banque et le truand (the good, the bank and the ugly)

WFH: Employment Law & COVID-19

Presented by Paul Martin, hosted by Jackie Joachim. Mr. Martin has been helping hundreds of clients navigate through COVID-19 times.

WFH: The Good, the Banks and the Ugly

We have invited the top lenders to discuss the ways in which banks are supporting practice owners and staff during these troubled times. Hosted by Jackie Joachim.

WFH: Voices of Experience

Lessons from the past 20+ years in dentistry. Join Drs. Marcia Boyd, John Badger, Scott Green and Ms. Ann Wright as they share their personal experiences of working during and subsequent to key periods of economic challenges. Hosted by Jackie Joachim.

WFH: Re-opening the practice post COVID-19

WFH: Buying and Selling During COVID-19


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