Job: Associate for British Columbia

Broad, Elliott

Elliott returned to his native city of Vancouver after attending business school at Concordia University in Montreal, where he received his Bachelor of Commerce degree. He has spent a large portion of his formative years gaining significant hands-on experience in his family’s business in industrial and residential landscaping. Throughout his time with the company, he honed his skills of working with clients of all sizes. Since his return from Montreal in 2016, Elliott has put his knowledge to work in order to streamline the processes in his family business and played a key role in expanding it to the sustainable operation it is today.

In search of a new challenge, he turned to the healthcare industry that has been rapidly evolving during the arrival of the pandemic. He quickly realized health care practices were an active and critical part and has been studying this industry ever since with great interest. To combine this passion with his love of working with clients, Elliott decided to join the ROI team. Knowing that accompanying his clients to realize their goals and ensure their success is what he does best, Elliott is excited to help doctors’ transition from practice to retirement in a dignified and profitable way while building strong relationships for the long term. In his spare time, Elliott enjoys cycling, hiking with his dog, losing golf balls and watching / playing soccer.