Letter to Editor, Ontario Dentist, May 2002

The following are letters to the editor of Ontario Dentist, published May 2002.

“As a recently retired dentist who went through a short transition period, I wish to express my thanks to the Journal for publishing the excellent articles by Timothy A. Brown on practice valuations, transitions, etc.

I feel that the articles are particularly appropriate to my own experience, where I worked for three months part-time during the transition period.  Patients like the new dentist and the practice seems to be continuing smoothly.

It seems, after all, the retiring dentist was well liked by patients but is now “dispensable””

Ralph S. Grose, DDS, Toronto

“How much feedback do you receive from members who read the Journal?  Do you know which topics are of interest to your members?

Every month when I receive Ontario Dentist, I browse through the issue rather quickly, only stopping to read the column heading and title of the article to see if anything sparks my interest.  It’s rare if I actually read more than two articles from start to finish in any given issue but I must say that it’s the “Practice Management” column by Timothy A. Brown that keeps bringing me back.  I find his topic and discussion of the subject matter extremely interesting and practical.  He definitely understands how to reach his audience through the relevance of his articles to myself and many of my colleagues.

Please commend him on his wealth of knowledge and thank him for sharing it with the rest of us.  I have always enjoyed reading Tim’s column and I look forward to learning more from his future articles. ”

Miyen Kwek, DDS, Kitchener