Level: Sales Representatives

Rama, Besnik

Nik graduated from medical School at the University of Tirana, Albania in 1992. Upon completion he followed his passion for Radiology and worked in Europe for Nato Forces since 2009. Upon immigrating to Canada Nik decided to change career paths. He and his wife partnered together to build an incredible dental brand. He took on the role of dental administrator in 2017. He completed a management masterclass in the dental field, Real estate exams and also financial courses in order to fully understand the logistics and economic capacities of a dental office.

Furthermore, Nik has shown his dedication in the field of dentistry and he understands all aspects of administration allowing his wife and partner to fully dedicate to her clinical skills, professional growth as well as teaching.

Nik has been in touch with ROI corporation and our appraisals and has been looking for the perfect practice suiting his wife and their lifestyle since 2017. In addition, Nik has been in touch with ROI agents very early as he was looking for the right practice for his partner. During this process Nik was exposed to many aspects of dental industry, appraisals and all the ins and outs of how to unite the perfect Dentist to the perfect practice. He is looking to help the dental community in making the right choices which will allow their profession and life style to be in harmony.


Markham, Drew

After graduating from dental school at the University of Michigan in 1998, Drew associated, partnered, and owned a variety of practice styles and locations during his career. During that time, he was a member of the Ontario Dental Association Economic Committee, as well as an ODA Councillor, and has a keen understanding of the economic challenges that dental practice owners face today.

When he had an ROI appraisal completed, that valuable information allowed for a change in his original plans to perhaps practice for another 20+ years. Instead, Drew sold both of his practices through ROI, moved to the UK for two years and travelled the world, all while protecting his personal net worth. Drew’s primary goal is to help his peers to achieve the freedom they deserve when ready and he is happy to chat at any time about his experience with ROI, and the dental industry at large.

Kalia, Malar

Dr. Malar Kalia has been a practicing dentist for many years. She has worked in several group practices in the Greater Toronto Area and Edmonton, and now owns a successful dental practice in Edmonton. She knows exactly what is involved with the process of purchasing, building, optimizing, and eventual selling of a dental practice.

Dr. Kalia graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree, and then earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Manitoba. Dr. Kalia’s adventurous spirit is evident in all she does. Her warm personality shines through when connecting with  her professional colleagues, clients, and industry leaders.

Malar joined ROI Corporation in Spring of 2022 and is excited to work with you in all your practice appraisal and sales needs.

Boyle, Nicholas

Since joining ROI Corporation in 2016, Nicholas Boyle has travelled throughout Canada and met with hundreds of dental practitioners.  An integral member of ROI Corporation’s appraisal team, Nicholas has spent countless hours interviewing doctors, appraising practices, and cultivating a nuanced understanding of the factors that create a thriving dental business.

Nicholas has a profound passion for the dynamic dental industry. He cites his exceptional communication skills, unwavering integrity, and steadfast commitment to meeting client needs as his primary assets. As a licensed sales representative under the Real Estate and Business Broker’s Act, he consistently pursues professional development through ongoing education courses accredited by the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

For all practice appraisal or sale enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Nicholas Boyle.

Constance, Oly

Constance graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Guelph in 2015. In the fall of that year, she began working at ROI Corporation as a receptionist – learning the ins and outs of the appraisal process. A few months later, Constance made the transition to the Sales Department to continue her understanding of the industry. She worked as a Sales Coordinator at ROI for 5 years, supporting Associates nationally on their transactions. She became a registered Salesperson with RECO in 2018 and is now assisting Jackie Joachim with her appraisal and sales files.

From her time with the Sales Department and working with Jackie, Constance quickly realized that every transaction is unique and was able to learn the key components to making a transaction successful. She believes getting to know her clients and their practices in detail allows her to appreciate the big picture as well as her clients’ goals. She views the appraisal as an empowering tool for owners to be able to make educated, confident decisions at any stage of their career.

Constance’s favourite activities include snowboarding, hockey and enjoying live music with her partner, family and friends.

Broad, Elliott

Elliott returned to his native city of Vancouver after attending business school at Concordia University in Montreal, where he received his Bachelor of Commerce degree. He has spent a large portion of his formative years gaining significant hands-on experience in his family’s business in industrial and residential landscaping. Throughout his time with the company, he honed his skills of working with clients of all sizes. Since his return from Montreal in 2016, Elliott has put his knowledge to work in order to streamline the processes in his family business and played a key role in expanding it to the sustainable operation it is today.

In search of a new challenge, he turned to the healthcare industry that has been rapidly evolving during the arrival of the pandemic. He quickly realized health care practices were an active and critical part and has been studying this industry ever since with great interest. To combine this passion with his love of working with clients, Elliott decided to join the ROI team. Knowing that accompanying his clients to realize their goals and ensure their success is what he does best, Elliott is excited to help doctors’ transition from practice to retirement in a dignified and profitable way while building strong relationships for the long term. In his spare time, Elliott enjoys cycling, hiking with his dog, losing golf balls and watching / playing soccer.

Schmidt, Karl


Karl Schmidt is a senior business development executive with a proven track record of growing businesses that service the dental profession. With over 30 years in the dental industry, Karl has worked in executive positions for Henry Schein, Patterson Dental and RecallMax. He has spearheaded the launches of several key technologies that support the growth and efficiencies of dental practices and the industry as whole. Presently, Karl is also charged with Strategic Planning and Partner Management for ClearDent and is also on the board of directors of the Dental Industry Association of Canada and supports the market research portfolio.

Kapoor, Roopali

Roopali has been immersed in the dental industry for 15 years. However, it’s been in the last seven years that she’s capitalized on her dental industry knowledge and her business expertise to successfully build and grow her husband’s dental practices.

Taking a lead role, Roopali was instrumental in opening two new dental practices and was actively involved in the acquisition and purchase of three additional practices. Working with a diverse group of stakeholders, she then successfully merged the newly purchased practices into their already existing practices, all while ensuring a positive and smooth transition for both clients and employees. Her deep understanding of all aspects of building and running a successful dental practice led her become a registered sales representative and join the ROI team in early 2019.

Roopali holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo, with a focus on economics and finance. Prior to bringing her sharp business acumen to the dental industry, Roopali achieved great career success in finance and investment banking, with over 10 years of experience at high profile companies like Thomson Reuters and BMO. Her dynamic interpersonal skills and aptitude for building relationships allowed her to effectively create and maintain relationships with heads of capital market desks at various financial institutions, including the big six banks.

In her spare time, Roopali loves to travel and explore new cultures and destinations. She also enjoys going to the theatre and spending time with her family. She is very much looking forward to the next exciting chapter in her career with ROI.

Raborn, David

David Raborn has been working with ROI Corporation full-time since 2011. However, he has been assisting his father, Dr. Wayne Raborn with appraisals while working towards his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Calgary since 2005.

In addition to the B. Comm. from the U of C, David is a licensed commercial and residential REALTOR® in Alberta and is required to adhere to the Real Estate Act and Rules.

As a former U of C Dinos football player, David enjoys playing, watching (and even coaching) sports in his free time. He especially enjoys basketball where he’s been the assistant coach for a local high school since 2012. Go Eagles!

David relishes his position at ROI Corp. He especially enjoys assisting dentists to exit ownership profitably after they’ve dedicated their professional lives to help others in need.

Kotchie, Amanda

Amanda Kotchie grew up in Oakville, Ontario. Amanda has always embraced academic and professional excellence. Her many years of study include Psychology and Sociology at Brock University, Wedding and Event Planning at Humber College, and graduating at Sheridan College from the Travel and Tourism program.

Prior to joining ROI Corporation in 2011, Amanda worked in retail/sales/management for a single top tier multinational corporation throughout her high school and post-secondary studies. The exposure to the many internal and external stakeholders within the enterprise is where she forged her excellent sales and customer service skills. It has also given her the crucial growth time in developing her character, positive skills and the work ethic she has today.

Before joining the sales team at ROI Corporation, Amanda spent 5 years in the asset department, which culminated in her leading a significant team of asset appraisers nationwide. Switching gears to the sales team, Amanda is taking her deep knowledge of dental operations and equipment to provide knowledge to her clients and to ensure a smooth and successful transition.