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ROI Corporation is delighted to present the opportunity of ownership in Cochrane, one of the fastest growing communities in Canada! Cochrane, just 35 minutes northwest of Calgary, has it all. Home ownership is phenomenal at ~84%, and the average household income is exceptionally high, surpassing that of Calgary.

Situated at the end of a retail plaza, the clinic is easily noticeable. This 1,595 sq. ft. facility features two exam rooms, a pre-test room, a lab, two washrooms, and a naturally light-filled reception area and retail space.

The office is open five days a week, with the optometrist working only 34 hours over four days. Additionally, the owner takes 11 weeks of vacation annually. Retail sales of frames, contacts, and accessories account for 56% of the gross income. No sunglasses are sold, which is an area that could be supplemented. The patient base is loyal to the location and the services provided. The structure of the clinic provides many opportunities to grow the practice and improve the bottom line.

Highlights of this practice include:

  • A long-established practice started in 1995 and moved to its current location in 2015
  • Easily accessible, ample parking
  • Insignificant advertising (~ 1% gross income)
  • Non-Assignment
  • ~3,000 patients have been seen in the last two years

Additional Purchaser / Advisor Information:

  • A Practice Profile will be provided within 24 hours of your request
  • The Appraisal and iGuide photography package will be distributed to pre-qualified candidates who have completed a ROI Corporation Confidentiality Agreement
  • Showings will be scheduled by appointment
  • Offers will be presented as received
  • ROI Corporation will prepare all offers on our standard forms for your lawyer’s review


For additional information please contact Mr. David Raborn or Dr. Wayne Raborn, Sales Representatives.



Southwestern Ontario

Are you a Denturist ready, willing, and able to step into a winning situation..? Well then, this opportunity is definitely for you. Installed from scratch in 2015, this remarkably profitable denture clinic is ideally located off a main street, highly visible on ground level in one of the fastest-growing populated cities in Southwestern Ontario.

The efficient denture clinic produces close to $500,000 this year, including notable cash earnings of $238,000, on a heavily reduced work schedule of only three days per week. The owner operates a secondary denture clinic in another town and can’t fully devote his time to both locations, so he is seeking to reduce his workload. 

Sprawling over 1,200 Square Ft of space, you will find two spacious fully equipped operatories, a private office, a welcoming reception area, and a highly functional laboratory. The practice consistently benefits from adding roughly 20-30 new patients per month and utilizes computerized billing and scheduling. In addition, a new beneficial lease has recently been negotiated that offers the next lucky owner the luxury of extended tenure until 2034 with no demolition clause in this bustling plaza.   

There is no doubt that we are living in a time where the bulk of our society is shifting to an aging population, and the field of Denturism will only benefit from this phenomenon. If you are a present or future Denturist with a cunning business mind, you will unquestionably recognize that taking the helm of this lucrative denture clinic is an extremely smart business decision at this competitive price point.

Highlights of this practice include:

  • Consistently low outstanding account receivables
  • Significant growing population ratios for the surrounding area
  • Ample and free parking
  • Very reasonable rent rates
  • 2024 production estimated to be $490,000 on a 3 day per week work schedule
  • 20-30 new clients per month

Additional Purchaser/Advisor Information:

  • A practice appraisal and virtual tour will be available upon request
  • A visit of the practice can be booked on an individual basis.
  • Conditional offers can be submitted at any time. ROI Corporation will prepare all offers on our standard forms for your lawyer’s review
  • Offers should be accompanied by a certified cheque payable to “ROI Corporation IN TRUST” equal to 10% of the offered price for the practice


For more information, please contact Doron Aaron Eisenberg, Sales Representative.


Pratique de généraliste et propriété : Montréal Nord

Il est très rare qu’une pratique de ce calibre se lance sur le marché. Le vendeur a passé sa carrière à exercer au même endroit pendant plus de 46 ans et a bâti un cabinet dentaire florissant et en pleine croissance qui prodigue des soins à plusieurs générations de patients.

Le bureau est situé au sein de la communauté de Montréal Nord. Cette pratique s’est établie au cœur d’un quartier commercial et résidentiel, adjacent à une garderie, une aréna et à quelques rues d’un carrefour commercial. Le cabinet est situé dans un bâtiment de 2 étages, appartenant également au vendeur. Cette clinique dispose d’une excellente signalisation extérieure, stratégiquement située sur une rue à haut trafic pour une visibilité optimale avec ample stationnement.

L’espace clinique de plus de 3 000 pieds carrés offre la possibilité d’expansion pour accueillir des salles opératoires supplémentaires. Le 2ième étage abrite 4 salles opératoires, une aire de stérilisation, salle de radiographie, petit bureau et une toilette. Au rez-de-chaussée, on retrouve un grand espace de réception, une salle de rappel, 2 toilettes et 2 bureaux privés. Le sous-sol se compose d’une toilette, d’une salle de conférence, d’une cuisine/salle du personnel et d’un bureau privé supplémentaire.

Le bâtiment est également à vendre. Il a été bien entretenu, réside sur un vaste terrain offrant à l’acheteur sagace la possibilité d’agrandir (sujet à l’approbation de la municipalité) la taille de la propriété pour accueillir d’autres locataires et a été évalué par un évaluateur commercial.

Cette pratique accomplie génère plus d’un million de dollars de revenus avec un flux de trésorerie extrêmement rentable pour le propriétaire de 51%. Le cabinet emploie un dentiste à pourcentage, mais aucune hygiéniste dentaire pour le moment. Le vendeur et le dentiste à pourcentage pratiquent chacun 4 jours/semaine pour offrir une semaine de 7 jours de soins dentaires aux patients. Ensemble, ils fournissent la plupart des services, à l’exception de l’orthodontie. Il est à noter que le vendeur facture 25 % de plus que le guide de tarif provincial pour les prothèses.

Le vendeur est prêt à travailler après la vente pour faciliter la transition avec succès pour le nouveau propriétaire.

Atouts principaux:

  • Immenses avantages d’être votre propre bailleur
  • Large propriété offrant l’opportunité d’agrandissement tant à l’intérieur de l’immeuble que sur le terrain
  • Emplacement connu et établi de longue date au cœur de la communauté
  • Croissance des revenus de plus de 28% par rapport à l’année précédente

Dates clés

  • Fiche consultative disponible sur demande
  • Évaluation disponible suite aux Portes ouvertes à ceux qui ont complété notre l’entente de confidentialité
  • Clôture visée début automne 2024

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Pascale Guillon, Sales Representative.

General Practice and property: Montreal Nord

Very rarely does a practice of this caliber come on the market.  The Vendor has spent his career practicing in the same location for over 46 years and has built a thriving, growing general practice that takes great pride in providing care to multiple generations of patients.

The office is located in the neighbourhood of Montreal Nord.  Situated in the heart of the commercial and residential district, adjacent to a daycare, an arena and a few streets from a shopping centre. The practice is housed in an attractive 2-story building, owned by the Vendor.  This practice has excellent outdoor signage, strategically located on a busy street for optimal visibility with ample free parking.

The clinical space of over 3,000 square feet throughout allows for expansion to accommodate additional operatories. The 2nd floor houses 4 operatories, sterilization, X-ray room, small office and washroom.  On the main floor, there is a large reception area, a recall room, 2 washrooms, and 2 private offices.  The basement consists of a washroom, a conference room, kitchen/staff room, and an additional private office.

The building is also for sale. It has been well maintained, resides on an ample plot of land offering the able buyer the option of expanding (subject to municipal approval) the size of the property to accommodate other tenants and has been appraised by a commercial valuator.

This successful practice generates over $1 million in revenue with an extremely profitable net cash to the owner of 51%.  The practice employs an associate, but no dental hygienists at the current time.  The Vendor and the associate each practice 4 days/week to offer a 7- day week of dental services to patients.  Together they provide most services except for orthodontics.  It is of note that the Vendor charges 25% above the provincial fee guide for prosthodontics.

The Vendor is willing to work after sale to facilitate the successful transition to a new owner.


  • Tremendous advantage to be your own landlord
  • Large space with opportunity to expand both within existing space and on plot of land
  • Well-known and long established in the community
  • Over 28% growth in revenues from previous year

Key Dates:

  • The Practice Profile is available now by request
  • The Appraisal will be provided to buyers following the OPEN who have completed our confidentiality agreement
  • Closing early fall 2024

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Pascale Guillon, Sales Representative.






Disclaimer: This is a predominantly Chinese patient-based practice and might not be suitable for all buyers.

The practice was purchased in 1991 and relocated to its present address in 1997, so it is a well-established business. It is 1,040 sq. ft. and contains 3 operatories plus a business office, private office, and staff room. There is no Pan. The lease runs to October 2027, so a renewal would have to be negotiated.

The practice is in a small, stand-alone, low-rise, 3-business commercial plaza on a main street in Scarborough. In addition to the dental practice, there is a medical clinic and pharmacy. The office enjoys exclusivity for dentistry in this small plaza. There is ample free parking at the rear of the building, and the dental office is wheelchair accessible. The practice was renovated in 2023 and shows very well. It is bright, with natural light, clean, tidy, and well-maintained. Total rent is reasonable, at less than $4,000 per month.

This is a family practice which is open 5 days per week. There are 5 days of dentistry and 2 days of hygiene each week, but the associate does his own hygiene. The owner works 3 days per week and the associate 2 days. Gross production in 2023 was >$1MM. Since the practice is well established, it is not surprising that over 50% of production comes from hygiene.

The clinic enjoys excellent cash flow despite the fact that the dentists take 8-12 weeks of vacation each year and many procedures are referred out. Over 3,700 patient visits occurred in the past year, and the practice still gets an average of 13 new patients per month. Additionally, very few social service patients are seen.

This excellent practice would be most suitable for an ethnic Chinese dentist. If you are in that category, this presents a wonderful opportunity.

Highlights of this practice include:

  • A profile of the practice will be provided to interested parties who have completed a ROI Corporation confidentiality agreement.
  • The full appraisal will be provided to those who book an appointment to see the practice. Due to the ethnic nature of the practice, an Open is not planned but appointments will be scheduled as required.
  • Offers should be accompanied by a certified cheque payable to “ROI Corporation IN TRUST” equal to 10% of the offered price for the practice
  • ROI Corporation will prepare all offers on our standard forms for your lawyer’s review


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Bill Alton, Sales Representative.




It is with great pleasure that we bring you this fine-tuned, full-service family practice. Established (2016) in a high-traffic area near all the major highways in the heart of Markham, the office has witnessed relentless growth since its inception. Our client is choosing to sell owing to the significant time investment required to responsibly maintain the operations and exponential growth that the office enjoys. Our modest vendor who boasts a wealth of demonstrable practice management credentials is happy to continue at the practice maintaining a presence that would bolster the office during the transition and beyond.

With free cash flow of $946,212 (53.5%) and growing monthly charges of~$150,000 this office makes a strong case for owner-operators or an Investor Dentist™. Open only 4.5 days per week room exists to build upon an already remarkable foundation by adding clinical days. On top of this, the office enjoys a secure lease until 2036 with the potential to expand upon an existing 3 operatory setup.

Acquiring this office represents a step into an elevated dental management experience. Patients come to this office looking for a change. They are greeted by a cohesive team, that have and continue to be trained in the Frank Spear, management philosophy that truly permeates daily operations. Staff educate patients chairside, and a co-diagnosis is created that optimizes workflow. Through internal referrals and dynamic use of Google and Facebook ads, this office attracts a patient who has a higher dental IQ and the means to elect for the services offered.

Highlights of this practice:

  • AR well below industry average
  • ~1300 active patients
  • ~40 new patients per month
  • Exceptional Cash earnings – $946,212
  • Significant scope to increase the practice opening hours
  • Fully digital charting, x-ray and patient comms
  • Practice charges a premium for all major treatments
  • Exceptional staff all on contracts

Additional features of this practice include:

  • A Practice Profile will be provided within 48 hours of request to those who have completed a ROI Corporation confidentiality agreement
  • A Confidential Open (by appointment only)
  • The Practice Appraisal, in its entirety will be released electronically to qualified parties
  • Within 48 hours of acceptance of an offer we request a certified cheque payable to “ROI Corporation IN TRUST” equal to 10% of the offered price for the practice.
  • Our client prefers a closing date in Summer 2024

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Mr. Robert Spillane Sales Representative.



This store-front family practice is located at ground level in a high-traffic retail plaza and has excellent signage. Anchor tenants such as McDonalds draw lots of traffic. The practice enjoys exclusivity for dentistry in the plaza. It is a large practice of 2080 sq. ft containing 6 operatories, of which 5 are equipped. Additionally, there is a PAN, business office, private office, associate office, staff room, and 2 washrooms. The décor is modern and attractive. The lease runs to 2039 (current term to 2029) with no demolition or relocation clause.

Originally established in 2013, the practice was purchased by the current owners in May 2021. The owners are investors and do not work in the practice. It is an associate-run practice. In addition to the dentist, 5 hygienists are employed in the practice who produce 7 days of dentistry per week and approximately 30% of the practice’s gross production. The associate and hygienists are on written agreements.

The annual production of the practice is $1.0-1.1 million, and it has excellent cash earnings (before dentist remuneration).

Highlights of this practice include:

  • Many procedures referred out
  • Very low accounts receivable
  • Paperless with digital radiography
  • Software is Tracker

Additional Purchaser/Advisor Information:

  • A profile of the practice will be provided to qualified applicants who have completed a ROI Corporation confidentiality agreement, available at
  • An Open, by appointment
  • The full appraisal will be provided in advance of the Open to those candidates who have booked a showing appointment

For more information contact Bill Alton, Sales Representative.


EDMONTON  – Motivated Vendor –  Asking Price reduced by $169,000!

ROI Corporation is pleased to bring a long-established general practice to Edmonton’s market. The clinic, founded in the 1970s, is now within a vast residential neighbourhood with schools, parks, and all amenities nearby. There is easy access to major roadways. An LRT station is coming soon to the area. Our client purchased and renovated the clinic in 2020 and manages the satellite practice.

This clinic is compact but astutely designed. The 1,400 sq. ft. facility has four fully equipped operatories and is plumbed for a fifth. Highlighted is an x-ray area, including a digital pan with ceph. The reception is an inviting space, as is the private office with its own ensuite.

As it is our client’s satellite practice, it is open 2.5 days a week. The sale will allow the dentist to refocus all attention on their primary practice.

This opportunity will allow the buyer to take the reins and grow this clinic into the booming full-time dental business that it was previously.

Highlights of this practice include:

  • Exceptional Location
  • Strong Lease with low rent. Renewals through 2040 and exclusivity of dentistry in retail plaza.
  • Asset Sale
  • Fully digital, utilizing Open Dental software

Additional Purchaser / Advisor Information:

  • The Practice Profile will be distributed to interested buyers who have completed a ROI Corporation Confidentiality Agreement within 24 hours of request
  • A Confidential Open (by appointment only)
  • ROI Corporation will prepare all offers on our standard forms for your lawyer’s review


For additional information , please contact Mr. David Raborn or Dr. Wayne Raborn, Sales Representatives.



 Central,  British Columbia

Are you ready to step into a thriving dental practice nestled in the heart of Central, BC?

Look no further! ROI is pleased to present a well-maintained practice with 7 state-of-the-art operatories. In addition to the practice, you have the bonus option to purchase the real estate.

But that’s not all – With a commitment to excellence, the owner is dedicated to ensuring a seamless successful transition and is willing to stay on to support the new owner during the transition period. Plus, you’ll inherit a loyal patient base and a team of long-standing, dedicated staff members, ensuring continuity and superiority in patient care.

The accompanying real estate offers prime visibility and accessibility, enhancing the business’s presence in the heart of the community. Beyond having abundant space for the practice, the building houses 3 apartments, partially furnished with ample storage and parking. One has a separate entrance, a large deck, and stunning mountain views. These residential spaces could be used by the new owner or rented out to immediately increase the revenue stream.

This dynamic community offers more than just a picturesque backdrop – it is vibrant with a strong sense of camaraderie. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Coast Mountains, it provides an exceptional quality of life for residents and visitors alike. Outdoor enthusiasts will revel in the abundance of year-round recreational activities, from hiking and fishing to skiing and snowboarding.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a thriving dental practice and secure equity in the real estate – where professional success meets personal fulfillment. Enquire now to seize this golden opportunity to realize your entrepreneurial dreams!


  • 7 ops, 3,000+ square feet
  • abundant natural light
  • 4 day week, no evenings/weekends
  • strong recall program: 2 hygienists booked 6-7 months ahead
  • dentist booked 2-4 months ahead
  • 80% patients with insurance
  • fully digital office: charts & x-ray/pan
  • be your own landlord and secure real estate equity for your future
  • passive income potential with 3 available residential spaces

Additional Purchaser/Advisor Information:

  • A Practice Profile will be provided within 48 hours of your request
  • A Confidential Open (by appointment only)
  • The Appraisal will be distributed to qualified purchasers
  • Offers will be presented as received
  • Offers should be accompanied by a certified cheque payable to “ROI Corporation IN TRUST” equal to 10% of the offered price for the practice
  • Our vendor is looking to close this practice by Summer 2024
  • ROI Corporation will prepare all offers on our standard forms for your lawyer’s review

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Marcia Boyd, Senior Associate and/or Elliott Broad Associate.


Toronto, ON

ROI Corporation proudly presents this bespoke dental practice in Toronto, Ontario. 

After a rewarding career of changing patients’ lives through dentistry, with a primary focus on cosmetic procedures, our clients are ready to slow down and transition the stewardship of this highly profitable practice to a new owner.

Situated in the heart of one of the most desirable and affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto, this ground-level street-facing practice enjoys unparalleled exposure. A stunning, professionally decorated facility spans 1,250 sq. ft. and is home to 3 fully equipped operatories, a modern sterilization area, a lab, a private office, and more.

Significant investment by the vendors has resulted in a clinical environment ideal for performing comprehensive dentistry. This practice is complemented by industry-leading technology, including digital panoramic and intra-oral x-rays, a Sirona Cerec CAD/CAM inLab system, Tracker practice management software, and considerable instrumentation and materials.

The vendors are willing to stay post-closing, ensuring a seamless transition and preserving goodwill.

This is a seldom-seen opportunity to purchase a beautiful, established practice that is perfect for a purchaser looking to enjoy a career in cosmetic dentistry.

Highlights of this practice include:

  • Cash earnings exceeding $546,000
  • AAA location.
  • Vendors willing to transition.
  • Sirona Cerec CAD/CAM dental restoration system.
  • All lab work completed in-house, retaining revenue.
  • Our clients own the condominium and will offer a secure, long-term premise lease with NO Demolition or Relocation clauses!
  • Fast closing date – let’s get you in quickly!

Additional Purchaser/Advisor Information:

  • A Practice Profile will be provided within 48 hours of your request
  • A Confidential Open (by appointment only)
  • The Offer Request Form must be submitted 48 hours prior to the Offer deadline.
  • ROI Corporation will prepare all offers on our standard forms for your lawyer’s review

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Nicholas Boyle, Sales Representative.


Location: 30 minutes north of Gatineau/Ottawa



Êtes-vous optométriste à la recherche de l’endroit idéal pour y vivre et travailler tout en ayant contrôle de votre potentiel de revenus et votre qualité de vie?

Depuis plus de 20 ans, ce cabinet d’optométrie d’excellence prospère au cœur d’une communauté très prisée située à 30 minutes d’Ottawa et de Gatineau. L’héritage d’une clientèle fidèle et le fait qu’il s’agisse du seul cabinet d’optométrie dans la région constituent la combinaison parfaite pour un optométriste désireux d’être « leader » et d’établir les tendances au sein de la communauté.

En raison de la relocalisation du cabinet il y a quatre ans dans un centre de santé professionnel récemment construit, les aménagements sont neufs et ne requièrent pas de rénovations.

En guise d’une demande excessive pour les services d’optométrie, l’acheteur peut augmenter les revenus annuels à plus de 500 000 $ avec peu d’efforts. L’établissement dispose de deux salles d’examen, dont l’une est entièrement équipée, de sorte que l’évolutivité est facilement réalisable.

Notre client est prêt à transitionner afin que l’acquéreur puisse profiter d’un cheminement souple et de la continuité de la fidélité de sa patientèle.

Les atouts principaux de cette pratique incluent :

  • Clinique exploitée à partir de ~ 1 000 pieds carrés;
  • Attente de 2-5 mois pour un rendez-vous;
  • Opportunité d’augmenter de façon significative les ventes de produits;
  • Située au cœur d’une communauté recherchée en raison de la qualité de vie et de plein air;
  • Au fil des 5 prochaines années, croissance de la population prévue à 52% plus élevée que la moyenne nationale et 83% plus élevée que la moyenne provinciale;
  • Communauté aisée détenant un revenu ménage moyen et un niveau cadre supérieur au taux provincial;
  • Stationnement ample et sans frais.

Informations consultatives:

  • Une vidéo de la pratique et du rapport d’évaluation seront disponibles à ceux qui ont rempli l’entente de confidentialité de ROI Corporation;
  • Date de clôture souhaitée : été 2024
  • ROI Corporation peut fournir l’offre d’achat sujette à votre révision juridique;
  • L’offre acceptée devrait être accompagnée d’un dépôt de 10% payable sous forme de chèque certifié ou traite bancaire à ‘ROI Corporation IN TRUST’.


Pour plus de renseignements ou pour prendre rendez-vous, veuillez svp contacter Pascale Guillon.



Are you the optometrist looking for the ideal place to live and work that you control your earnings potential and quality of life?

For 20 years, this excellent optometry practice has thrived at the heart of a highly desirable neighbourhood located 30 minutes north of Ottawa and Gatineau. The legacy of a loyal client base and sole optometry in the area are the perfect combination for an optometrist looking to lead and set the standard within the community.

Since the practice was relocated four years ago into a recently built professional healthcare centre, amenities are new and there is no need for renovations.

With excessive patient demand, the purchaser can grow annualized revenues to over $500,000 with little effort. The facility has two exam rooms with one fully equipped so scalability is easily attainable.

Our client is prepared to stay after sale, if the buyer wishes, to ensure a smooth transition and continued patient loyalty.

Highlights of this practice include:

  • Space of practice spans ~ 1 000 sq. ft.
  • Schedule is booked 2-5 months ahead.
  • Opportunity for significantly increasing product sales.
  • Located at the heart of a sought-after community that profits from a unique quality of life and outdoor living.
  • Expected population growth surpassing that of the national average by 52% and by 83% of the provincial average over the next 5 years.
  • Average household income and post-secondary education level superior to those of the province.
  • Ample, free parking.

Additional purchase/advisory information:

  • The practice appraisal along with a video of the premises will be available to those who have completed the ROI Corporation confidentiality agreement.
  • Target closing date is summer 2024.
  • ROI Corporation is open to preparing offers on our standard forms for your lawyer’s review.
  • The accepted offer should be accompanied by a 10% deposit in the form of a certified cheque or bank draft to the order of ‘ROI Corporation IN TRUST’.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Pascale Guillon.