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Dev Mangat

Director of Western Canada
Region Alberta

Dev Mangat graduated from University College, London England in 1990. A period as Clinical Research fellow in the Department of Periodontology at the Eastman Dental Hospital was followed by a position as Honorary Clinical Assistant in the Department of Restorative Dentistry at St George’s Hospital.
A career in general practice included a role as Company Dentist for BP. In 2006, Dr. Mangat was appointed as Clinical Lead and Clinical Cluster Director for Oasis Dental Care, the largest Corporate Body in England. This provided an opportunity to combine clinical and management roles in one position with particular emphasis on audit to improve and enhance the profitability of practice.

Dev moved to Calgary in 2009. He maintains his registration with the General Dental Council (UK) and attends courses worldwide, with a particular interest in Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

In May 2010 Dev joined the ROI Team as an Associate and has recently been promoted to the Director of Western Canada.

My Testimonials

  • Dr. Dev Mangat has recently completed the sale of my dental practice in Calgary. I found the entire process quite stressful, but Dev was simply amazing. His service was impeccable and he was very prompt in dealing with every issue that had arisen. We could call him at any time of the day or evening and he kept everyone following the process logically, rather then letting emotions take over. I would strongly recommend him to all of our dentist friends for their future practice sale. My husband and I are very grateful for what he did for us and the purchasers. He spent a lot of time with the purchasers as well and walked them through the entire process. Job well done. Thank you.

    Dr. B. R.

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    Dev is by far and away the best broker I work with. In my practice I work with many brokers. Dev is responsive, proactive, client oriented, creative and most importantly he understands what the objective is and puts all of his efforts into accomplishing it. I have run across many brokers that once the deal is signed they disappear until the commission cheque is cut. Dev is in there right to the end through to completion of the transaction. He literally lives these transactions. I cannot speak enough of Dev and the value he brings to ROI's clients.

    K. J. S.

  • In many ways our sale had unique situations and I can honestly say that if it were not for Dev's ability to maneuver through, understand, simplify and advance the project properly, we would not have had such a successful outcome. Dev, being a Dentist himself, understands the nuances of the business of Dentistry. He has this uncanny ability to see through a difficult situation and come up with a perfect solution each time, regardless of whether he was dealing with the Dentists, Lawyers, Accountants or Landlords. I do not think I could have wished for a better broker. He is most assuredly an outstanding professional in his field.

    Dr. M.

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    ROI Corp. was our first and only choice for us when we decided to sell our business. The front office staff were professional and efficient. Our Broker, Dr. Dev Mangat was an amazing asset. Dev went above and beyond in his duties as a broker and at times acted as our personal therapist during the negotiating process with our purchaser. Dev was courteous and professional throughout the entire transaction. We were confident and well informed of all of our options and obligations.
    I would highly recommend using ROI Corp. for the sale of any Professional Business.

    L & T. M.

  • I want to thank you for all your efforts in the sale of my practice. I cannot say enough about Dr. Dev Mangat and ROI. It was a tough decision to sell my practice, and once I decided to do so, they jumped into action. From the initial appraisal to the closing of the deal, he has been a very professional and competent advocate. He was able to put together a deal where we sold for over the appraised value. I had very little to do with the mechanics of the sale and whole deal took only about 6 weeks. I could not be happier, and I highly recommend Dr. Mangat.


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    During the lockdown in March, 2020 I started thinking that this might be the time to think about retiring. I have been in practice as a solo practitioner since 1983 and have had a very productive practice. I contacted Dev because a friend of mine had hired Dev to sell his practice and was very pleased with the result. We agreed to at least go through the appraisal and see what the practice was valued at. I was pleasantly surprised at the appraisal numbers. A month later we decided to pull the trigger and see if there was any interest. I was nervous because I thought the pandemic would seriously affect interest in the sale. Dev was super calm about the whole process and was very matter-of-fact about how the sale would happen. He told me that they would have a webinar which would generate interest. Afterward the offers would roll in and that the purchasers would be given a deadline to place an offer. He even stated that the practice would be sold by a certain date. This was happening incredibly fast!! Three offers were presented. One was too low to consider but the other 2 came from “investor dentists” who were serious about buying my practice. The offer we went with was well above the asking price and lets me associate for up to 2 years. This gives me a great transition into retirement. I couldn’t have asked for a better deal. Dev was instrumental in orchestrating this deal and it was a very smooth transaction! I would emphatically recommend Dev to anyone wanting to sell their practice.

    Dr. T.M.

My Listings

Ref# Available Location Region Practice Type Revenue Status
4500 15 / 09 / 2020 Alberta SW Calgary General ~$440,280 Conditionally SOLD
4480 14 / 02 / 2020 Alberta Greater Edmonton Area General $1,685,230 Sold
4472 13 / 02 / 2020 Saskatchewan Saskatoon Perio/Paro $860,000 Available
4426 09 / 08 / 2019 Alberta Red Deer General ~$1,270,090 Sold
4392 04 / 03 / 2019 Alberta Calgary Facility N/A Sold
4377 14 / 01 / 2019 Alberta Northwest Alberta General $947,650 Sold
4306 10 / 04 / 2018 Alberta Calgary General $2,042,040 Sold
4283 08 / 03 / 2018 Alberta Northern Alberta General $1,046,640 Sold
4268 11 / 01 / 2018 Alberta Greater Calgary Area General ~$299,770 Sold
4171 11 / 07 / 2017 Alberta Calgary General $1,297,460 Sold
4178 29 / 03 / 2017 Alberta Southern Alberta Optometric ~$443,540 Sold
4160 24 / 03 / 2017 Alberta Calgary General ~$213,440 Sold
4134 08 / 03 / 2017 Alberta Grande Prairie General ~$2,797,430 Sold
4150 06 / 01 / 2017 Alberta Red Deer General $1,226,390 Sold
4030 25 / 04 / 2016 Alberta Edmonton General ~$1,408,450 Sold
2079 23 / 10 / 2015 Alberta Calgary Companion/Exotic $635,160 Sold
3036 15 / 05 / 2015 Alberta Calgary General ~$2,941,720 Sold
2059 29 / 01 / 2015 Alberta Calgary General $682,100 Sold
2083 18 / 09 / 2014 Alberta Calgary General $2,188,820 Sold
2077 22 / 08 / 2014 Alberta Calgary General $2,140,790 Sold
2035 22 / 07 / 2014 Ontario Northern Ontario General $626,780 Sold
2038 29 / 04 / 2014 Alberta Calgary General $2,117,750 Sold
1923 22 / 03 / 2013 Alberta Calgary General $1,727,170 Sold
1817 11 / 06 / 2012 Alberta Calgary General 1512940 Sold
1854 26 / 04 / 2012 Alberta Calgary General 1273950 Sold
1807 05 / 10 / 2011 Alberta Downtown Calgary General 1238530 Sold