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Investor Dentists™

Are you a licensed dentist in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, or the United States?

Would you be willing to invest in a dental practice in the Caribbean?

Asking price: $7,700,000 US – Seven Million Seven Hundred Thousand US Dollars

Increased personal and capital gains taxes in first-world economies have motivated dentists to reassess their life and career plans.

I am honored to present this unique opportunity to acquire 100% ownership of a thriving dental practice located in a Caribbean tax haven.

I have known the Canadian owners for over 25 years and vouch for the quality of care and financial integrity of this exceptionally profitable dental practice.

Practice Overview

  • Five (5) full-time dentists and six (6) hygienists currently operate within the practice.
  • The current owners maintain a limited schedule, contributing only 12-14% to the overall production of the practice.
  • Prioritizing lifestyle and family, the owners have established a comprehensive management system that minimizes the need for day-to-day clinical involvement.
  • Management transition: Staff are managed by a related party who is prepared to thoroughly train their replacement.

Financial Highlights (Annually in US$ – 2024 estimated)

  • Revenue: $5,005,000
  • EBITDA: $1,284,000*
  • No income taxes are payable in this nation.

Investment Highlights

  1. Tax-free benefits: Enjoy above-average tax-free cash flow like a phenomenally successful Canadian practice.
  2. Facility details: The practice consists of eight operatories with a long-term premise lease secured, ensuring stable tenancy.
  3. Visiting specialists subsidize the rent.
  4. Prime location: Situated in a bespoke, high-value professional business district surrounded by Canadian banks, accounting firms, and internationally recognized brands.

Expansion and Relocation

I met the practice owners in the fall of 2023 and again in May, 2024 to examine the facility and financial records. My observations include:

  1. The hygiene schedule is fully booked up to four (4) months in advance, limiting the ability to accept new patients unless cancellations occur.
  2. No recall program is employed. This is unheard of in Canada!
  3. Doctors are booked 2 to 4 weeks in advance.
  4. There is potential to add a 9th operatory which would take the office layout to maximum capacity.
  5. Relocation within the business complex is possible, promising exponential growth.
  6. Anticipate a relocation expenditure of approximately $1.5 million CAD due to shipping, duties, import fees for new equipment, and the inflated cost of building materials.

Growth and Marketing

  1. This practice enjoys organic growth generated through word-of-mouth and patient referrals.
  2. No meaningful marketing or advertising expenditure has been needed in the past five years.
  3. A considerable opportunity exists to ethically exploit the incoming surge of ex-patriots.

Ideal Candidates

  1. CAN, UK, AUS, and US dentists are welcome to inquire.
  2. Two or more partner dentists would be ideally suited for this transition.
  3. The current owner’s Canadian roots are a significant asset, attracting a surging migration of Canadians emigrating to the Caribbean.
  4. A permit is required to practice dentistry in this nation.
  5. Sponsorship and assistance with licensing and housing are included in this offer.

Confidential Webinar

  1. Sunday, June 16, 2024, @ 11:15 am EST (Toronto).
  3. During this session we will share detailed financials including income, expenses, free cash flow, EBITDA, and the asking price in five currencies.

In-Person Meetings

  1. For select VIPs, in-person meetings will be hosted at ROI Corporation Canadian Headquarters, 2421 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario.
  2. Please TEXT me for your private appointment time.


  1. A letter of credit from your financial institution will facilitate reception from the vendors.
  2. A total investment of ~$10 million CAD is required to own this exceptional asset.


  1. My clients are not under any pressure to sell.
  2. They plan to remain in the country as permanent residents and will provide full support and office management training during a prescribed transition period.
  3. If you have recently considered selling your Canadian assets, crystallizing your capital gains, and making a substantial investment in a more tax-friendly nation, now is the time.

I look forward to discussing this unparalleled opportunity with you.

For further inquiries, please TEXT (416) 520-7420 and be sure to include your full name.

Due to the anticipated elevated levels of interest, please expect a delayed response.

Timothy A. Brown, CEO & Broker of Record

Working with i-Dentists™ since 1984

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