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Dental Practice Hiring in Canada

It’s no secret that a core driver of any business is human resources. For a business to both operate smoothly and for a business to grow, having a great team is critical.

As you know, being understaffed affects both employees and the business owner. Having the wrong staff affects the dynamic, work life and flow of the practice as well.

All of which, are passed down to the experience of the patients; the driving force of revenue that keeps the lights on in the practice. Businesses are kept afloat by happy clients, who return and refer other clients.

Let’s agree that a positive patient experience is good for everyone.

Typically, dental professionals go to school for an extended period of time to learn their profession. In some cases, they may have practicum placements where they can learn valuable on-the-job skills and build real experience. Then hopefully, they will be able to find a great job and begin their career.

Also, some professionals work for years and changes occur in their employment. Whether it’s time to change practices, they have to move, or a better opportunity presents itself, an experienced professional is now looking for work.

In all of these scenarios you have a job seeker looking for work. There are also employers that need to hire for their open roles. In our modern day, wouldn’t it be great to have one central platform that both parties can connect together?

When you look at the dental practice hiring landscape in Canadian dentistry currently, it is very fragmented. Asking industry professionals, where is the place to post a dental job or find one, you get many mixed answers. Pairing the right people to the right practices in an efficient way is great for everyone.

A recent stat sited that the average time to hire a new employee took 39 days. When you really think of that time period, what if the practice is short and in dire need of a new hire? But yet, there are staff out there but it’s almost impossible for the two to connect? This is a problem that needs to be solved.

The two parties are looking for each other on this big world wide web, but are not connected efficiently. Yes, there are big brand job sites, but they cover every industry and job type. With that you get many unqualified applications you have to sort through, and every time you view them you have to pay extra fees. All time consuming.

Sure, there are recruiters as well. They can help find and guarantee a vetted and qualified employee, but at a premium.
In some cases, practice owners are still putting postings in print publications. Dated and inefficient to say the least!

Imagine a site specific for our dental industry that solves this problem that so many of us see quite often.

    • A site that connects both the employers and the employees on one central platform.
    • A site that vets all job seekers to create a profile, including graduate school, experience, position type, location, resume, and even a LinkedIn profile.
    • A site that has an active pool of qualified candidates looking for positions and you can search, save and connect with instantly.

That site is

DentalGigs covers all roles in your office; Dental Associate jobs, Dental Assistant jobs, Dental Administrative jobs and Dental Hygienist jobs. DentalGigs is across Canada, urban to rural.

When you post your position, their team immediately optimizes your job posting best for the eyes of Google, so the listing will bring in the most clicks and the most applications possible. Further, they will create a social post that will be advertised in front of 1,600 relevant followers that continues to grow.

You will also gain access to this pool of 500 (and growing) active candidates that are looking for working you can search, save and contact immediately. The site was launched at the PDC this year and has seen tremendous growth despite the circumstances of 2020.

    • The cost is like a Netflix subscription, month to month, cancel any time, no extra fees.
      Assistant, Admin, and Hygienist is $99/month.
    • Associate is $179/month.
    • It is free to post your resume.

You can advertise your position without revealing any details about your practice or contact info, or share as much as you want; including photos, logo, website and direct phone number.

They guarantee your satisfaction and are here to help you with all your hiring needs. Their vision is to be the one and only hiring platform for our industry and make it easy for everyone. They have had great success so far and their current customers have been very happy with their results.

Looking for a job? Looking to hire? for dental jobs in Canada.