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Ref# 4344 Gross Revenue Appraised Value Asking Price Cash Flow
Status: New ~$309,230 $413,530 $450,000 ~$122,130

Sale Structure: Asset Sale


Located in a long-established professional health building in the east end of Toronto, this practice boasts 3 fully equipped operatories with an abundance of natural light. You also have the pleasure of being the only dental office located on the ground floor of the building.

This practice produces greater than $300,000 annually while only performing dentistry 3 days and hygiene 2 days per week, which leaves ample opportunity to increase hours and in return gross revenue. With a fourth room plumbed for an operatory, there is also physical room to expand when needed.

Highlights of this practice include:

  • Well-established in its location (circa 1990’s) but has only been under current ownership since 2013
  • Hygiene is very high at 46% of gross production
  • 4 operatories (3 equipped) in ~1,000 square feet
  • Digital x-rays
  • Very reasonable rent

Additional Purchaser/Advisor Information:

  • A practice profile will be provided to qualified candidates who have completed a ROI Corporation confidentiality agreement within 24 hours of request

For more information, please contact Amanda Kotchie.

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Bill Alton

Sales Representative


Amanda Kotchie

Sales Representative for Ontario

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